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A Great Tip from Elizabeth Harper for New Years

I got an email from Elizabeth Harper from Sealed With Love that had an AWESOME suggestion for New Years.

Let me start by saying that I realllly don't like resolutions. To me, they feel like they're destined to fail a few days into them.

But this suggestion from Elizabeth has me intrigued! Directly from her newsletter...

"My husband, a life coach, always writes a letter at the end of the year congratulating himself on his achievements. But it's not for things he's achieved in 2017. Instead, it's coming from his FUTURE SELF at the end of 2018, so he's essentially anticipating his achievements."

This is GREAT because it's not a resolution. It's more intentional and opens up the Law of Attraction! You attract what you focus on.

I'm gonna give it a try! Will you too? Let me know in the comments!

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