Founded in 2016 for jewelry lovers who are whimsical at heart and seek magic in their daily lives! 😉

By KK Swann is an online jewelry boutique selling handcrafted pendants featuring original artwork and wire-wrapped, beaded necklaces. Our jewelry is customizable to fit your unique style so you can feed your whimsy wherever you go.

KK Swann headshot

Kallissa Kristine Swann

Jewelry Designer. Fantasy Lover. Super Fan of Gilmore Girls, Friends, & My Little Pony. Sex-Positive Liberal. S’mores Addict.


I’m Kallissa Kristine Swann, the owner and designer of By KK Swann. You can call me KK. One thing you should know about me is that I will always do my best to make sure my customers and fans are satisfied – like faeries and mermaids splashing away in a secluded pond on a warm, breezy night – with their experiences with By KK Swann!

I began designing jewelry in 2011 while working at a craft store (imagine that! Haha!) and was soon gifting pieces to family and friends. I quickly started getting orders from people who saw those jewelry pieces. Fast forward to today, and I’m stoked that my passion for jewelry is a full-fledged business!

If you love handcrafted jewelry, fantasy art, and s’mores everything, we’ll get along great! 😉 My Fantasy Art Pendants beautifully complement your work outfit and add a kick-ass element to your girls-night-out ensemble!

I live in Portland, Oregon with my crazy calico cat, Purrscilla, and my wonderful boyfriend, Mike. I am obsessed with all things faery (and I prefer that spelling over ‘fairy’)! In my spare time, you can find me curled up on the couch binge-watching Friends or Gilmore Girls (or My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic if it’s a weekend morning!) for the umpteenth time. Seriously.

Oh! And I hate my birthday, which is December 23rd. (December birthdays – UNITE!) #ScrewChristmasItsMyBirthday

To learn more about me, what I believe in, and how I run my business, read my Manifesto here.