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Behind-the-Scenes: Interview with MORE Good Day Oregon on Fox 12

Hey Friends,

I recently learned a lesson about keeping my apartment clean – AT ALL TIMES! (Sorry Mom, the lesson apparently never stuck.) This is especially important because I currently have my workshop set up in my apartment.

I was recently invited to interview for MORE Good Day Oregon on Fox 12! How freaking exciting is that?!

More Good Day Oregon Interview -1

I got the email about it late one evening from Jenica Villamor asking if she could come to my workplace (a.k.a. my apartment) to interview me the next morning. My first thought was, My place is an utter disaster! How can I let a video camera in here to see my mess?! But I can’t pass this opportunity up!

So I cleaned and de-cluttered like a mad-woman! I blame my messy housekeeping on being an artist. Us creative types are always messy – right?

This was my first video interview, and it was scary and exciting all at once – you know, like the first date with someone you’re really into.

The resulting interview was aired on MORE GDO this morning, and it was great! It’s pretty cool to see my business on the news. My hard work is starting to pay off! 🙂

I hope you enjoy the interview. Let me know what you think by tagging me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. <3

Click here to watch the interview!

More Good Day Oregon Interview -2(Yes, my name is missing an ‘l’, but that’s okay. I’m on the news!)


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