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Blogging is a chore….

Part of my business model is to do only what brings me pleasure.

And blogging doesn’t bring me pleasure!

It feels more like a chore – a chore that draaaaaags on! 

So I’m not going to blog anymore! Now THIS brings me pleasure!

If you want to keep up with me and By KK Swann, please join my exclusive e-club, Inner Circle.

You’ll get updates, sneak peeks, and exclusive discounts.

Isn’t that full of pleasure?! I think so.

See you in your inbox, my friends. :-*



Kallissa Kristine

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Vote for new Fantasy Art Pendants

Hey Friends!

I’m working with Drakey Art on releasing a few new Fantasy Art Pendants, but we need YOUR input!

Which of these pieces would you wear as a pendant? Vote in the comments! <3

Thanks in advance!



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My Happy Plan for the New Year!

Hey Boo Thangs,

It’s almost 2017! Where the hell did 2016 go? Your guess is as good as mine.

I’m not a resolution-maker, so don’t expect any out of me. What I am, though, is a planner and a goal setter. It’s my nerdy side. 🙂

My nerdy-planner-and-goal-setter self created “My Happy Plan” for 2017 and beyond. Basically, it’s a commitment to myself and my business – and ultimately, to you! <3

Take a peek at My Happy Plan below:

My Manifesto goes hand-in-hand with My Happy Plan.


If my way of business resonates with you, I would be honored if you’d join my Inner Circle, which is my exclusive e-club for my trusted friends. Throughout 2017, I’ll keep you posted on my jewelry, my life, and my secret sales. As a special “thanks for joining me”, you’ll get a 30% discount code right away. <3

Join my Inner Circle by clicking here or signing up in the sidebar to the right! ——->


Kallissa Kristine

P.S. My birthday was on Friday! (#ScrewChristmasItsMyBirthday) I indulged alllll day. At breakfast with my bff, I enjoyed biscuits and gravy. Yum! In the afternoon, she treated me to a pedicure! Sweet! And my evening was spent with my lovebunch. Awww! We went to Olive Garden and savored their Black Tie Mousse Cake. Drool!

P.P.S. I don’t indulge in those foods often, so it was extra pleasurable! And it’s been almost a year since my poor feet got pampered with a pedi. It was a wonderful birthday!!!


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December Birthdays Don’t Have to Suck!

Happy December, Friends!

DECEMBER BIRTHDAYS – UNITE! I’m vindicating my crummy December 23rd birthday with a whole range of swag to match the “Screw Christmas, It’s My Birthday” theme I’ve got going on (all of which you can buy through Zazzle!)!

I was looking at Ugly Christmas Sweaters thinking that I wanted one of those that actually said “Screw Christmas, It’s My Birthday!” Sooo… I designed one.

My take on an Ugly Christmas Sweater - "Screw Christmas, It's My Birthday" style!
My take on an Ugly Christmas Sweater – “Screw Christmas, It’s My Birthday” style!


Then I got carried away and made several more!

SCIMB T-Shirts

And of course, some buttons and mugs were in order:


There’re still several more designs, which you can check out AND BUY through Zazzle here:*.

Aaaaand, I’ve gotta say… I don’t think I’m done designing yet! It’s kind of addicting. 🙂

Do you have a December birthday? Or does a friend/family member have one? Join me in taking our month back! #ScrewChristmasItsMyBirthday


Kallissa Kristine

P.S. Doesn’t this sweater look great with a Fantasy Art Pendant?!

Pair "Serenity" or another Fantasy Art Pendant with your Screw Christmas, It's My Birthday sweater!
Pair “Serenity” or another Fantasy Art Pendant with your Screw Christmas, It’s My Birthday sweater!
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Screw Christmas! It’s my birthday!



screwchristmasitsmybirthday-1Hey Friends,

You may know that my birthday is coming up on December 23rd. I’ve always HATED my birthday, because it’s always, Always, ALWAYS overshadowed by Christmas! #ScrewChristmasItsMyBirthday

Well… this year, I’m changing that! I’m making a BIG DEAL out of my special day by giving you a chance to get a birthday gift from me. 😉

The first 10 people who order a Fantasy Art Pendant from between Dec 1st & Dec 3rd will get a special surprise ($15+ value) added to their order!

There are a few rules to keep things sane! They are:

  • Must order at
  • Must use coupon code (TBA on 11/30!)
    • Code will expire after it’s been used 10 times – or at 11:59 PM on 12/3 – whichever comes first
  • Only 1 gift per person

Claim your FREE GIFT with your purchase NOW – while supplies last! Shop Fantasy Art Pendants here!


To get a free gift, use Coupon Code: ScrewChristmasItsMyBirthday

The first 3 orders will get the following gift:

  • A randomly-selected Fantasy Art Pendants necklace ($20 value)
  • A “Screw Christmas, It’s My Birthday” button ($3.50 value)
  • A pair of wire-wrapped earrings handmade by KK ($8 value)
  • A Russell Stover S’mores Big Bite ($1.50 value)

Total value: $33!

Orders 4-10 will get the following gift:

  • A randomly-selected Fantasy Art Pendants key chain ($12 value)
  • A “Screw Christmas, It’s My Birthday” button ($3.50 value)
  • A Russell Stover S’mores Big Bite ($1.50 value)

Total value: $17!

Additional orders placed from Dec 1-3 will get a special little something added to their order (while supplies last). I don’t want anyone to feel left out!


Kallissa Kristine

P.S. What are you waiting for? Use Coupon Code: ScrewChristmasItsMyBirthday to redeem your birthday gift from me to you! Shop Fantasy Art Pendants here!


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Behind-the-Scenes: Interview with MORE Good Day Oregon on Fox 12

Hey Friends,

I recently learned a lesson about keeping my apartment clean – AT ALL TIMES! (Sorry Mom, the lesson apparently never stuck.) This is especially important because I currently have my workshop set up in my apartment.

I was recently invited to interview for MORE Good Day Oregon on Fox 12! How freaking exciting is that?!

More Good Day Oregon Interview -1

I got the email about it late one evening from Jenica Villamor asking if she could come to my workplace (a.k.a. my apartment) to interview me the next morning. My first thought was, My place is an utter disaster! How can I let a video camera in here to see my mess?! But I can’t pass this opportunity up!

So I cleaned and de-cluttered like a mad-woman! I blame my messy housekeeping on being an artist. Us creative types are always messy – right?

This was my first video interview, and it was scary and exciting all at once – you know, like the first date with someone you’re really into.

The resulting interview was aired on MORE GDO this morning, and it was great! It’s pretty cool to see my business on the news. My hard work is starting to pay off! 🙂

I hope you enjoy the interview. Let me know what you think by tagging me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. <3

Click here to watch the interview!

More Good Day Oregon Interview -2(Yes, my name is missing an ‘l’, but that’s okay. I’m on the news!)


Kallissa Kristine

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Fantasy Art Pendants have been launched!

Hey Friends,

My jewelry line Fantasy Art Pendants has been launched! View them here.



I’ve been working non-stop the last 3 days to put final touches on the launch. You wouldn’t believe how many final touches there are!


I’ve run into a few problems with my online store for which I’m rabidly searching for answers. In the meantime, you can purchase my pendants through Etsy at [UPDATE: I found the solution, and my store is ready for some action. ;-)]


I’ll update this post once I’ve found a solution to the problems. <3


Kallissa Kristine


P.S. Get a 30%-off coupon by joining my exclusive Inner Circle here:

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Launch Date Released – Fantasy Art Pendants

Hi Friends,

I am so psyched to announce that I will be launching my all-new product line Fantasy Art Pendants on Tuesday, October 18, 2016, at 3:00 PM PST! Order your pendants by the 18th, and you’ll receive them in time for Halloween!

Members of my Inner Circle e-club will get to preview and order my products before the official launch! I will even have an exclusive 30% off coupon ready for them. <3

Preview of the all-new Fantasy Art Pendants line coming October 18th!
                 Preview of the all-new Fantasy Art Pendants line coming October 18th!

See you on the 18th at 3:00 PM PST!


Kallissa Kristine

P.S. Want to reap the benefits of being in my Inner Circle? Join here:

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Introducing Drakey Art…

Hey Friends,

As you know, the art featured in my Fantasy Art Pendants jewelry line is original artwork by Drakey Art, which is owned by Jay Nixon and Nancy Johnson. I met Nancy and Jay in 2013 when I was the Media Relations Manager for the MACFest in Mesa, Arizona. (MACFest is a festival for local artisans to sell their wares along a section of downtown Mesa.) I had the opportunity to interview Drakey Art about their artwork, and I instantly became a fan! (I indeed have several of their pieces decorating my house! I’ll show you those at a later date. ;-))

During the interview, I learned that Jay and Nancy knew my mom. Then Jay and I remembered that we volunteered at a local Boys and Girls Club at the same time shortly beforehand! He was an art instructor while I helped with admin tasks. What a small world!

Now I want you to know more about Nancy and Jay and their company. I asked them a few questions I thought you’d be intrigued to know answers to, so without further ado, meet Drakey Art!


KK: What does Drakey Art mean?

  • DA: “Dra” symbolizes Jay’s Chinese Zodiac sign of Dragon and “key” symbolizes Nancy’s Chinese Zodiac Sign of Monkey. So Drakey (drack-ee) is Jay’s and Nancy’s Art combined!

KK: If we were at a cocktail party, what drink would be in your hands right now?

  • DA: A glass of red wine for Nancy and a craft beer for Jay!

KK: What’s the inspiration behind your artwork?

  • DA: All things fantasy, magical, and colorful. Dragons are powerful, and butterflies are gentle.

KK: Nancy, what’s your favorite piece of Jay’s? Jay, what’s your favorite piece of Nancy’s?

  • DA: Nancy’s favorite piece of Jay’s is his Dragon painting, “Prince Grolth” because he is the first dragon. Jay’s favorite piece of Nancy’s is “Pumpkin” because our little black kitty is in the painting!

KK: Do you have a favorite Fantasy Art Pendant by KK Swann?

  • DA: “Picking Cherries” in the oval shape with a beaded chain for Nancy. Jay loves “General Zzorok” the Red Dragon on a black cord.

KK: Lastly, do you have any secret projects in the works that you can tell us about? 😉

  • DA: Jay has 3 dragons that will be on set of a new Netflix original show “Santa Clarita Diet” featuring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant due to be released in 2017. We are also working together on a children’s book featuring the baby dragons in “The Gathering”. (Jay is writing the story, and Nancy is assisting with illustrations.)

I’m so glad I got the chance to chat with them. If I hadn’t, it wouldn’t have led to this collaboration several years later and the creation of my all-new jewelry line. <3


Kallissa Kristine

P.S. You can explore their Etsy shop here!

P.P.S. Join my Inner Circle e-club and get exclusive discounts on Fantasy Art Pendants that I don’t offer to the general public!


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KK in the house!

Hey Friends,

I’m Kallissa Kristine Swann, but you can call me “KK” for short.


I love Jolly Ranchers, polka dots, cocktails and wine, meeting new people, the Oxford comma, and of course, designing jewelry.

I’m thrilled to be bringing my Fantasy Art Pendants line to you! I’ve partnered with Drakey Art to turn their beautiful, original artwork into jewelry pieces. The faces behind Drakey Art are Nancy Johnson and Jay Nixon. We’ve been friends for several years, and I’ve been a fan of theirs for just as long. I have several of their pieces decorating my house, and I simply adore them.

Drakey Art is all about fantasy art, which is one of my favorite kinds! Jay paints incredibly detailed dragons, phoenixes, and unicorns – amongst other things. Nancy paints faeries (my ABSOLUTE favorite creatures EVER!), mermaids, butterflies, seahorses, and much more. They (and their art) are such a good fit for each other! <3

I’ve selected 10 of my favorite Drakey Art pieces to create my line of Fantasy Art Pendants. These pendants are paired with your choice of necklace: a matching metal chain, an elegant ribbon and cord necklace in black or white, or a wire wrapped beaded necklace in a variety of colors and styles.

The official launch date for my Fantasy Art Pendants will be announced at a later date. <3


Kallissa Kristine

P.S. To be the first to know about By KK Swann‘s launch, you can join me in my Inner Circle here.