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The dawn of my Crystal Chakra Jewelry

So I did a Crystal Chakra Reading for Leyla, and I designed a Color Therapy necklace for her based on her reading! ūüĆą

Her reading showed she really needed to balance her heart and throat chakras, so I used green & blue beads to resonate with this. I also added clear beads to bring in energy from her crown chakra. And I used silver beads and wire to bring in energy from the Divine Feminine & the faeries. ūüíĖ

I also consulted my guides, her guides, and the faeries to design her necklace and create an affirmation specifically for her! Then I Reiki-charged her necklace and set the intention of the jewelry to bring her affirmation to life for her. ūüĆĪ

Want a customized Color Therapy necklace for yourself? Join my VIP e-Club to get first dibs when they launch! ūüéĀ

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Celebrate my birthday with 23% off your entire purchase!

It's almost my birthday!

My birthday is December 23rd. And I haaate it.

Who remembers December birthdays, especially when they're so close to Christmas? Pretty much no one. *siiiiigh*

Last year, I started the #ScrewChristmasItsMyBirthday campaign! This year, it continues!!!

Allllll month long, I'm offering 23% off your entire purchase (including sale items)!

Just use coupon code 'DEC23' when checking out.

PLUS, I'll be slipping a #ScrewChristmasItsMyBirthday button into every order placed in December.

We all know someone who has a December birthday, right? Make their day by giving them the button!

Not sure what to use your discount on? Check out these sexy jewelry pieces...

Hole-some Goodness


Pretty Pink

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Jodi Horne Art

I LOVE Jodi Horne Art!

I worked with Jodi for a couple of years at a craft store.

(Go figure that a jewelry designer and an artist worked at a craft store!¬†ūüėú)¬†

She's an awesome person.

She's funny, caring, sarcastic, mischievous, and so many more things - all rolled into a ball of AWESOME.

One day, Jodi had me over at her house to hang out, and she showed me some of her old prints of faeries.

Everybody who knows me knows I'm OBSESSED with faeries!

I immediately bought those prints from her.

They've been a staple in my home decor since 2011. Check 'em out...

When I finally had the chance to commission Jodi for a painting, I just HAD to get a faery! And crystals were a must! 

I wanted this painting to represent me and the new phase in my business - the sexy factor and the lightworker factor.

She is a strong, empowered goddess who is happy and comfortable in her sexuality.

She is ready to help others make life more pleasurable and passionate. 

She is the Crystal Faery Goddess.

I absolutely love my Crystal Faery Goddess.

She is in every part of my business from my business cards to website colors to social media posts.

She is everything I want to be and more!

And Jodi Horne brought her to life.¬†ūüíĖ

Check out Jodi's Etsy shop here.

And follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

She's incredibly talented, and you'll love seeing her work pop up in your feed!


Kallissa Kristine

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Why I think “Coming Out” SUUUCKS

Confession: I'm pansexual. And I've never "come out".

My family doesn't know (or at least they didn't before I shared this). I'm not nervous about their reactions. I have a sister and a brother who has each "come out" as bisexual. My mom doesn't quite "get it", but she accepts it and still loves them.

Nah, I'm not worried about their reactions. I honestly don't give a fuck what they think. This is MY life, not theirs.

I guess what I'm really worried about is the downpour of questions I imagine will emerge from my revelation. I don't expect most of my family will understand how I can be attracted to people who aren't cisgender or who don't conform to traditional gender roles.

But why should I have to explain myself? Why do we, as a society, have to "come out"?


I imagine a world where "coming out" is an archaic concept. A world where gender-conforming roles aren't imposed on young minds. Or anyone's minds, for that matter!

Parents announce that they're having a child - the child's biological gender doesn't matter. (Gender reveal parties? They should just go back to where ever the hell they came from.) Girls aren't given only pink clothes and barbies. Boys aren't given just blue things and trucks.

The "sex talk" isn't just about "the birds and the bees". It's about birds who like birds, bees who like bees, and birds who become bees and vice versa.

Parents encourage their children to explore all kinds of identities and activities. So when the child really knows who they are, and what they like, they don't feel like they have to explain themselves.

They don't risk "disappointing" their families by saying they aren't the person society told them - or expected them - to be. Their identity is what it is. They are happy, safe, comfortable, and loved in their own skin.

They are just...them.

We all are just...HUMANS.

Now I'd love to know, have you ever had a coming-out-experience (could be yours or someone who's close to you)? What was it like? Tell me here.

This story was originally shared in my Crystal Passions Facebook group.
I'd love for you to join me over there!
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Don’t miss your chance to enter the Dick the Halls giveaway!

Time is almost up, Friend!

Dick the Halls ends tomorrow night at 11:59 PM PST! The winners (there will be 3!) will be announced on Friday!

Don't miss your chance to win one of these one-of-a-kind Pleasure Pendants by yours truly (moi!) and a box set of Christmas Cards by Her Dirty Dishes!

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Deets Again...

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Grand prizes will be mailed out by the 28th.


Will you be the winner? You can't win if you don't play!¬†Enter for your chance!¬†ūüíĖ

XXXO, Kallissa Kristine
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Dick the Halls Holiday Giveaway


Sara Karola & I put together an EXCLUSIVE holiday giveaway for you!


3 winners will each get:

-1 holiday-themed Pleasure Pendant (only available through this giveaway!)


-1 box set of (8) X-Rated Holiday Cards


S’more deets on the page¬†


Ready? Set! GO!

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How to keep people from tainting your energy…

This post was originally sent to Crystal Passions, my VIP e-Club, on November 1, 2017.

Has this ever happened to you?

You're at work, and your coworker is being a heinous bitch to you - and only you. 

You just got home after a shitty commute during rush hour traffic that has left you reeling in anger. 

You're with your family for Thanksgiving dinner, and your sister is giving you the cold shoulder because she thinks she's better than you. 

UGH! I've been there! Recently too... It's easy to stay angry at the person who's wronged you and to let that anger just build and build and build till you explode.

But - as I've had to remind myself not too long ago - there's a better way to handle the times when your energy is being poisoned by someone else...

3 Simple Steps to Get Back to Your Happy Place

Take a few moments to close your eyes and feel the anger, pain, or embarrassment inside your body. Now visualize all of that negative energy pooling into a ball within your solar plexus and draw the dark ball of negativity out of your body and send it outside. Watch in your mind's eye as the ball disintegrates in the light of the sun or moon.

To protect yourself from being afflicted again, ground and shield yourself.

My favorite grounding exercise includes visualizing myself as a big, been-around-for-hundreds-of-years tree. With your feet flat on the ground, imagine yourself growing roots from the bottom of your feet. These roots stretch deep into the ground, all the way to the core of the earth. With your roots secure in the ground, straighten your spine and let the crown of your head reach towards the sun (or moon). Picture your upper body becoming branches that reach high into the sky, then higher and higher.

As you are a solid, grounded tree, imagine your body being covered in protective bark starting at your roots... up to your trunk and your crown... and out to your branches. You can still feel the wind and the sunshine, but your exterior is impenetrable against negative energies. Lastly, visualize your aura beaming with a color that makes you feel strong, secure, and happy (mine is a glittering white light).

Take in a few deep breaths as you come back to center within your body. You're ready to get back to your day with only positive energies enveloping you. ✨

What techniques do you use to release negative energy in your life? Tell me in the comments! 

Kallissa Kristine

P.S. Sara of Her Dirty Dishes and I have an EPIC holiday-themed giveaway coming to you soon!  My email list will be the first to hear about it! Wanna be the first to know? Go here:

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My sex talk with my mom…

This post was originally sent to Crystal Passions, my VIP e-Club, on October 25, 2017.

My sex talk with my mom is a major reason why I create the jewelry I do!

I’m stopping by because I have something you may enjoy!¬†I recently shared a story in my¬†Crystal Passions e-Club on Facebook¬†about the first (and only) “sex talk” I got from my mom. Passionistas over there dug my story (and even shared their¬†own!).¬†

Here we go…

Let’s talk about sex…

Most people have interesting (and potentially embarrassing) stories about their first sex talks with their parents.

What’s my story? Here’s the¬†short version

Well… I was 19 before my mom ever gave me a sex talk… and all she basically told me was how my dad never really satisfied her in the 25 years they were married. Yikes!

Here’s the¬†long version*

My mom didn’t give me a sex talk until she found out I was having sex. I was 19 years old.

The majority of the¬†looong, frustrating conversation we had is mostly a blur of comments about how she’s¬†never really been sexually satisfied¬†and how “guys usually don’t care if your needs are being met if you aren’t in a relationship”.

I was raised in a very abstinence-is-the-only-way kind of religion & household. And I subscribed to that way of thinking until I was around 16 or 17 years old. Then I started thinking about what *I* wanted and why.

Eventually, *I* decided I wanted to have sex. I figured it’s¬†natural and fun.¬†

When my mom found out I was having sex, she started slut-shaming me. I remember her¬†smacking my head¬†one day and¬†calling me things like “slut” and “whore“.

Now don’t get me wrong. My mom isn’t a terrible person, and we’re on great terms these days. But¬†the hurt she caused me¬†will ALWAYS be with me.

I have teenaged nieces and nephews now, and I want them to know that¬†abstinence isn’t the only way. And¬†I don’t want them to EVER know the sex-shaming I knew or feel the associated pain that I felt.

The experiences I had are a huge part of why I design¬†Pleasure Pendants. Even as adults, I want everyone to feel like¬†sex isn’t taboo¬†– it’s natural, beautiful, and pleasurable. The shame that our society puts on sex is not okay. We can¬†RECLAIM our sexuality! We can proudly be OURSELVES!

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Why I’m passionate about my jewelry

This post was originally sent to Crystal Passions, my VIP e-Club, on October 11, 2017.


My mission with Pleasure Pendants is to celebrate sex, bodies, & consent.

  • Sex¬†is natural & pleasurable – there should be no shame there!
  • Bodies¬†– all shapes, forms, colors, genders, etc. – are beautiful. Let’s make them all feel that way!
  • Consent¬†is hugely important and isn’t talked about enough – help me change that!

As part of this mission, I’ve designed some¬†Affirmation Cards for¬†body positivity¬†for you.¬†Download them here, print them, and place them around your home.

Whenever you see them, say them out loud.¬†Repetition is key¬†here. ūüėó

If you could describe your body in ONE WORD, what word would that be? Tell me here!¬†ūüíĖ

XXXO, Kallissa Kristine

P.S. Know anyone who could use their own set of Affirmation Cards for body confidence? Send them here:

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The winner of the Doubly Delicious giveaway is…

This post was originally sent to Crystal Passions, my VIP e-Club, on October 19, 2017.

The winner of the Doubly Delicious Giveaway of Sorbet Sex and Gym Shorts is...
Congratulations, Shannon! Make sure to look for a special email from me.

Didn't win? ūüėě Don't fret!
I have¬†new packages¬†for 15-20% off!¬†ūüėĀ

Pussy Power (Package of 4)

Pussy Power (Package of 4)

A 4-pack of vulvas & lesbian love scenes all in Pleasure Pendants

The Johnson 5 (Package of 5)

The Johnson 5 (Package of 5)A package of 5 Pleasure Pendants featuring penises and gay sex scenes

Tom, Dick, & Harry (Package of 3)

Tom, Dick, & Harry (Package of 3)

A trio pack of penis-themed Pleasure Pendants

What do you think of the new Pleasure Pendants packages?

XXXO, Kallissa Kristine

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