Drakey Art

On my 14th birthday, my grandmother gave me a beautiful figurine of a blonde-haired, purple-winged faery sitting on a spring flower. This sparked my obsession for all things fae!

One day, I came across some amazing fantasy artists at the Mesa Arts & Crafts Festival in Arizona. I was instantly enchanted by Nancy Johnson & Jay Nixon of Drakey Art!

Nancy & Jay are the perfect balance of masculine & feminine energy in their art – among other things, Jay paints mighty dragons & phoenixes while Nancy paints delicate faeries & mermaids.

I am SO thrilled to be collaborating with Nancy & Jay on Fantasy Art Pendants! I absolutely LOVE finding the magic in everyday life, and working with Drakey Art has been nothing short of magical!

Designing Fantasy Art Pendants™ featuring Drakey Art has been wonderful & whimsical!

Drakey Art, Jay Nixon and Nancy Johnson
We love all things fantasy, magical, & colorful. We hope our colors brighten your life! – Jay & Nancy

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Also, you should see their adorable cat, Drizzt!