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Jodi Horne Art

I LOVE Jodi Horne Art!

I worked with Jodi for a couple of years at a craft store.

(Go figure that a jewelry designer and an artist worked at a craft store! 😜) 

She's an awesome person.

She's funny, caring, sarcastic, mischievous, and so many more things - all rolled into a ball of AWESOME.

One day, Jodi had me over at her house to hang out, and she showed me some of her old prints of faeries.

Everybody who knows me knows I'm OBSESSED with faeries!

I immediately bought those prints from her.

They've been a staple in my home decor since 2011. Check 'em out...

When I finally had the chance to commission Jodi for a painting, I just HAD to get a faery! And crystals were a must! 

I wanted this painting to represent me and the new phase in my business - the sexy factor and the lightworker factor.

She is a strong, empowered goddess who is happy and comfortable in her sexuality.

She is ready to help others make life more pleasurable and passionate. 

She is the Crystal Faery Goddess.

I absolutely love my Crystal Faery Goddess.

She is in every part of my business from my business cards to website colors to social media posts.

She is everything I want to be and more!

And Jodi Horne brought her to life. 💖

Check out Jodi's Etsy shop here.

And follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

She's incredibly talented, and you'll love seeing her work pop up in your feed!


Kallissa Kristine

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