Little Phoenix


Ever wish for a magical “refresh” button? Let “Little Phoenix” be just that for you. This magnificent, orange phoenix with long, curling feathers is set against a fiery red background.

This phoenix welcomes comrades on its journey. Add them to your cart, and find some friends for it here:

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Little Phoenix – Mythical Bird Fantasy Art Pendant on Beaded, Ribbon, or Chain Necklace

From the Fantasy Art Pendants jewelry line By KK Swann

Fantasy Art Pendants by KK Swann allow you to feed your whimsy wherever you go. Symbolic of rebirth and renewal, this necklace features Drakey Art’s original painting “Little Phoenix”. Customizable to fit your unique style, pick your preferred metal from silver or gunmetal; and select your desired shape (for the art itself) from circle, square, or rectangle. And hang your art on your choice of wire-wrapped beads, ribbon cord, or plain chain.

KK Swann has the exclusive rights to design jewelry featuring Drakey Art, so your necklaces are guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind! Kallissa Kristine creates her necklaces by hand with love, care, and high standards. No machines, factories, or go-betweens are used in the making of her products!

You are a resilient and regal being! Wear the jewelry that inspires your soul and ignites a conversation. Sparkling and spirited, all of KK Swann’s pendants are made of metal and glass, so handle carefully! Each order comes packaged and wrapped, so it is a complete present.

This phoenix welcomes comrades on its journey. Add it to your cart, and find some friends for it here:


  • Pendant Setting in your choice of color:
    • Silver
    • Gunmetal
  • Pendant Setting in your choice of shape:
    • Circle
    • Rectangle
    • Square
  • Necklace of your choice:
    • 1-strand Wire-wrapped, Beaded Necklace (in Crystal or Black)
    • 2-strand Wire-wrapped, Beaded Necklace (in Crystal or Black)
    • Ribbon Cord (in Black or White)
    • Chain Necklace (in color matching your pendant setting)


This #FantasyArtPendant is created #ByKKSwann featuring the original artwork of #DrakeyArt.

Kallissa Kristine makes every necklace by hand; no machines, factories, or go-betweens are used in the making of this product!


  • Wire-wrapped, Beaded Necklace: 18″-22″ (adjustable)
  • Ribbon Cord Necklace: 18″-22″ (adjustable)
  • Chain Necklace: 24″


Each order comes with a drawstring organza pouch and is bubble-wrapped for secure shipping. When the lucky recipient opens their package, they will find a beautiful bundle (gift-wrapped to look like a piece of candy!) that is ready to be opened like a child opens a gift on Christmas morning!


  • Wait until AFTER you do your hair and makeup to put your jewelry on.
  • Don’t wear your jewelry in water (like bathtubs, pools, or spas).
  • At the end of the day, wipe your jewelry down with a soft cloth and store it somewhere safe.


I will slip a FREE personalized note into the package for the recipient and take out all pricing information. Just leave your message for the recipient in the comment section of your order.

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Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 6 x 1 in


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