Sara Karola Art

When I moved to Portland, I quickly learned about the Sex-Positive Movement. And it instantly resonated with me!

I believe sex is a beautiful, natural part of life that should be celebrated! 

One day, I came across Her Dirty Dishes on Instagram as I was searching for #sexpositiveart. Soon I was looking at erotic art and cuss words painted on plates, mugs, and other awesome, unsuspecting things! (Her Dirty Dishes – Haha! I’m a sucker for a good pun!)

I was instantly hooked. I thought, this artist is incredible! Her work is so erotic and unique – she paints on dishes for CRYING OUT LOUD! I fucking love it!

That’s why… I’m BEYOND EXCITED to announce that Sara Karola of Her Dirty Dishes and By KK Swann are collaborating on a new line of pendants!

My work is sex positive, and clever to the best of my abilities. I like to make people laugh, and I love to make people blush. – Sara

Coming to By KK Swann in Summer 2017 are … Pleasure Pendants!

These pendants feature original pieces of erotic art by Sara that celebrate sex, consent, and body positivity.

Shop Pleasure Pendants here!

Oh, and Sara’s pets are ADORABLE!