Do you accept commission work?

Thanks so much for thinking of me for your project! At this time, I don’t accept commissions. I believe it’s in the best interests of my business and my customers that I focus on the items currently for sale in my shop. Thanks for understanding!

I’d love to have my art featured in your jewelry! Can I make that happen?

Maybe! Take a look at “Work with KK” for more info on my collaborations.

Your jewelry would look awesome in my shop/bar/winery! Can I sell your jewelry there?

I hope so! But first things first, take a peek at “Work with KK” to see if we’d be a good fit for each other.

Who are the ideal owners of Fantasy Art Pendants?

  • Peeps who are 13 years and older
  • Lovers of faeries, mermaids, dragons, and fantasy art in general
  • Those who welcome magic in their lives and want to feed their whimsy

Who are NOT ideal owners of Fantasy Art Pendants?

  • Kids under 13 years old
  • Haters of all things magical
  • Those who don’t welcome imagination

Do you have Jewelry Care Instructions?

Absolutely! Every order comes with a ‘Jewelry Care Instructions’ card! And for added convenience, here they are:

  • Put me on after you do your hair and makeup.
  • Don’t wear me in water (like pools or spas).
  • At the end of the day, wipe me down with this soft cloth and store me in this bag (each order comes with a drawstring organza bag!) for safe keeping.
  • Tell your friends how much you love me! #byKKSwann

Where can I follow you online?

I’m on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. I love new friends!

Do you have an email list I can join?

Yes! I’d be honored if you’d join me in my VIP e-Club! It is super simple, and you get a coupon out of it. Click here to join!