My Dick the Halls necklace is probably now my favorite holiday accessory. 😍 It brings a smile to my face; it’s festive, silly, and beautifully crafted. It’s a conversation starter, sparking a long conversation with my partner and me about sex shaming, race and hypersexualization, and modesty. It’s a great not always so sneaky way to push sex positive topics into the conversation. Pleasure Pendants would be the ultimate gift for someone who teaches sex education, like me! Or who just loves genitals…also like me! 😘🍆🍑


I am SOOOOOO in love with my custom necklace by KK Swann! It’s absolutely gorgeous. It has put a BIG smile on my face!The packaging is perfection! I looooove the little care tag label and affirmation cards. I went through all of that, before I even opened the gift! The whole package is exciting. I LOVE how she does that. My necklace is pulsing with energy! Kallissa fae-charged it, reiki'd it, channeled it, and I can feel the energy she put into each part of it as she made it... The fae energy reminds me of who I am and to step forward to declare my truth. It’s bringing me more confidence, and I definitely FEEL magnificent!


I was so excited to get my new Pleasure Pendants – Gym Shorts and Sorbet Sex – in the mail! They came quickly, and their packaging was so nice! I even got some bonus penis candy, which was cute! 🙂 I love the art, the pendant setting, and the chains they came on. I hate that it’s not generally acceptable to wear them to work!


Bottoms Up is a beautiful work of art showcased as a beautiful piece of jewelry. I love the colors in it that make it abstract almost. The quality of the jewelry is awesome – it’s lightweight but really seems like it will hold up with time. I enjoy wearing my piece for myself to enjoy but also for others! Love this collaboration!

Sara Karola

I love my Pleasure Pendants! They are lightweight, bright, clear, and so sexy. It's been such a please to work with Kallissa as her artist as well, she's patient and inspiring, and just so lovely! Seeing my art in jewelry is so cool, it's like together, we can do anything! Working with sex positive, and body positive business owners is a must, and she's made working so easy, and so fun, and so DIRTY!


 I am absolutely in love with my piece! I was honestly so impressed with the packaging. It didn’t feel like I had opened a package, what I opened, was a “gift”. The personal touch was evident in the love that went into putting it together.

The piece is GORGEOUS, itself; but paired with the setting, and chain, it’s stunning, elegant, scandalous, perfection.

I have had several people ask if it’s a candle; and I must say, that I delight in scandalizing them, by replying, “it’s actually a man’s penis inside of a woman’s arsehole.”

I am SO in love with it, I am wearing it everywhere!

#standforconsent#spreadlove #assholesneedlovetoo


I absolutely LOVE my pendant. Arrived in perfect condition – a high quality art piece in all ways. It looks great with a variety of outfits. I love nothing more than spreading sex positivity everywhere I go! My pendant is very helpful in that mission