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Why I’m passionate about my jewelry

This post was originally sent to Crystal Passions, my VIP e-Club, on October 11, 2017.


My mission with Pleasure Pendants is to celebrate sex, bodies, & consent.

  • Sex is natural & pleasurable – there should be no shame there!
  • Bodies – all shapes, forms, colors, genders, etc. – are beautiful. Let’s make them all feel that way!
  • Consent is hugely important and isn’t talked about enough – help me change that!

As part of this mission, I’ve designed some Affirmation Cards for body positivity for you. Download them here, print them, and place them around your home.

Whenever you see them, say them out loud. Repetition is key here. 😗

If you could describe your body in ONE WORD, what word would that be? Tell me here! 💖

XXXO, Kallissa Kristine

P.S. Know anyone who could use their own set of Affirmation Cards for body confidence? Send them here:

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